Friendly announcement concerning your Google+ data

Friendly announcement concerning your Google+ data

This is simply a notice to let everyone and their friends, family members, and acquaintances know to backup their Google+ data before the final date of April 2nd, 2019, which is when said service will finally be terminated. You may click here in order to find out how to do this action but just remember, depending on how active you’ve been with Google’s services over the years, it could take anywhere from a couple of hours to even days for Google to create your exported data archive which might be many gigabytes in size. So be prepared and do this as soon as possible, well in advanced!

This shouldn’t have to be said either but GekkoFyre Networks is not affiliated with Google in anyway, we are simply providing a friendly notice to our community members that they should export their data before the final termination date. We do not provide technical support for this particular product or products.

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Christopher McGill

Author by : Christopher McGill

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