Issues with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha

Issues with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha

GekkoFyre Networks would like to apologize to our clients/users and any potential customers for if you have personally been affected by issues with our billing and invoicing system, where in the past few days, pages might have refused to load or you’ve potentially been locked out of certain systems and/or functions depending on your choice of web-browser and plugins used.

The issues in question stemmed from problems with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha system misidentifying genuine users as spammers and as a result, we have moved towards an older version that is much more reliable while allowing for a greater depth of debugging.

If you continue to experience issues then we advise you to please join our Official Discord server where one of our Administrators or Staff Members will be able to assist you. But we’ve done extensive testing since this event and all systems seem to be working normally once again.

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Christopher McGill

Author by : Christopher McGill

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