Backup restoration success! The Drake Network is online

Backup restoration success! The Drake Network is online

The backup restoration has succeeded and once again, The Drake Network is online! We do apologize for the outage but out of this, we have been able to contribute to the greater Mastodon community by reporting a critical bug that occurs in the very latest versions. You may view our issue reports here and here.

Once this bug has been resolved by the Mastodon programming community, we will proceed with upgrading our own instance as originally planned to the latest version of the code-base.

If at all possible in the meantime, we will try to move over the database to a closer, nearby server. This is the reason why our instance is lagging so slowly at the moment, plus there is no nearby Redis nor ElasticSearch providers either. We are currently working towards resolving this.

We did manage to move over the multimedia storage to our own, in-house solution though, which is provided by a Ceph S3 object-storage gateway across a thrice-redundant highly available cluster.

This provides many terabytes of accessible storage to us here at GekkoFyre Networks while being more immediately available and cheaper than the likes of Amazon AWS S3 or Wasabi S3. The latter of which we used extensively until now, despite it not being known for its stellar ‘reliability’.

Please note that there might be some temporary difficulties with regard to The Drake Network from our move over to Ceph S3 object-based storage, so allow for some patience as everything synchronizes over time (hopefully). We also ask for you to kindly report any major errors that you may see and/or experience to the technical support team, thank you.

But that should be all for now! We hope you enjoy the use of The Drake Network once more ^,==,^

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Christopher McGill

Author by : Christopher McGill

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