Major updates towards and around GekkoFyre; new dedicated server addition

Major updates towards and around GekkoFyre; new dedicated server addition

There have been some major updates towards and around GekkoFyre Networks as of late, with some of them a direct result of the generosity of our donors, through both our Patreon account and via other means. We’ll mention a few of these just below.

We are nearly ready to release the exclusive page here at GekkoFyre that details all of the wonderful donors who have been giving towards our organization, but we do apologize for the delay. It’s been hard getting information from everyone as a result of the holidays. We hope you all have had an excellent and safe time throughout!

The new server we’ve acquired will have pfSense and Suricata setup on it, and will therefore have all of our West European traffic routed through this to provide extra security for both our clients and users. This will largely be replacing the BitNinja solution we currently use and therefore allow more control over what options we have available to us. For data analysis and alerts, we are using an EFK stack.

The server itself is provided by Hetzner who are a very large provider of web-based solutions, especially in the arena of servers and server management. They are largely based in Germany and this too is where our new dedicated server is located.

Hetzner - Dedicated server for pfSense
Our new dedicated server with Hetzner, located in Germany, upon which pfSense and Suricata will be installed.

Visitors to this site may have noticed a sudden decrease in page-loading times as well. The same applies to the shared hosting customers that currently make use of the server,, since the main site is also located at that location. This is all due to the fact that we have setup reverse-proxying via NGINX (thanks to Engintron for making the conversion so simple) so that now, pages which don’t update often are cached in memory!

There needs to be no worry about a page not updating in time though, as NGINX is smart enough to know when it should flush something from memory. So this is a win/win for everybody as a result!

In the next few days or week, there’ll be an announcement about new discount codes to ring in the New Year. So be sure to keep your eyes open if you wish to save money.

Lastly, if you wish to see GekkoFyre Networks grow and expand in both its infrastructure and capacity to simply do more, which includes trying out new projects as well (like the recently announced Awoo! Pics), then we cannot highly recommend enough that you become a subscriber to our Patreon.

Thank you.

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