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Donate and support our future!

We've officially launched a crowdfund venture for GekkoFyre Networks since it has come to the point that in order to continue providing services, we must ask for donations from the community at large, particularly in order to persist providing outreach that is applicable to our charitable divisions. You may see more details by clicking here and ... Read More

30th Apr 2019

Who and what is Therianthropy?

Firstly, before getting into the meat of this article, we would like to extend our thanks towards Skaw for bringing this aspect of the otherkin community to our attention from a recent Twitter post of his. Many of the staff members here at GekkoFyre Networks were already aware of this aspect, regarding Therian/s/thropy. But for those that are ... Read More

30th Apr 2019

Zimbra Hosted Email; Freely Upgradeable VPS Plans; Newsletter

GekkoFyre Networks now offers Zimbra Hosted Email plans from our very own servers, thus ensuring that you’re getting the best possible service and quality! Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface which makes extensive use of ... Read More

29th Jan 2019

DNSSEC support and cPanel/WHM; DNS Flag Day

GekkoFyre Networks is beginning to receive some requests from its clients as to whether we support DNSSEC or not and the short of it is; no, we do not. Whilst most of our infrastructure might be fully prepared for it along with the wholesaler we use for the domain names that we sell through the main site, it all comes down to a specific feature of ... Read More

21st Jan 2019

Mega discounts for clients among the first to sign-up!

To all the clients whom are among the first wave to sign-up with GekkoFyre Networks’ products and services, we are offering huge discounts and bonuses as a thank you for putting your trust in us. This includes a coupon that grants a 33% discount off your first invoice with us and a permanent onFyre Membership for your newly created ... Read More

17th Jan 2019

Social media; Mastodon and Twitter

With the rapid growth of the Mastodon social network in recent weeks and months, we have decided to create an official GekkoFyre Networks account with them! If you wish to support us especially while we are in our infancy at the moment, then you should start following us over there along with your buddies. That said, while most people referred to ... Read More

31st Dec 2018

Free pastebin service for the furry and otherkin communities

As of today, we are now offering a free and public pastebin service to the furry/otherkin communities at large as a sort of experiment, wherein you may post text snippets of any kind and publish them to our servers for the world to see. Or if the text is of a more sensitive nature you may then keep the post private and only give out the URL to ... Read More

31st Dec 2018

Affiliates, Christmas, and upgrading our Gaming Servers

For the next week or so, GekkoFyre Networks will be temporarily suspending its Game Server offerings until we are able to provide a better and more streamlined control panel experience for both new and pre-existing clients. We are teaming up with XenoPanel which, alongside with our already pre-existing offerings, will bring you more ... Read More

20th Dec 2018

New gaming services

Visitors and clients to this site might have noticed that as of last night, we are starting to introduce the long-awaited gaming services to GekkoFyre Networks at long last. The product line, at the time of writing, currently includes TeamSpeak3 servers, Mumble VoIP, Factorio and Rust servers of which the latter includes the Oxide MOD as an ... Read More

5th Dec 2018

Server migration: accomplished!

We have finished our server migration as of a day ago and while there might be a slight amount of instability here and there remaining, everything should finally be settling down for the most part at last. I still need to finish off a few things on the backend myself such as reconfiguring the server telemetry software for the new IP addresses in ... Read More

1st Dec 2018