DNSSEC support and cPanel/WHM; DNS Flag Day

Monday, January 21, 2019

GekkoFyre Networks is beginning to receive some requests from its clients as to whether we support DNSSEC or not and the short of it is; no, we do not. Whilst most of our infrastructure might be fully prepared for it along with the wholesaler we use for the domain names that we sell through the main site, it all comes down to a specific feature of which we make use of within cPanel/WHM called 'DNS Clustering'. This particular part of cPanel/WHM breaks the chain-of-trust in DNSSEC simply due to the fact that it does not support that area of the IETF specifications, despite outcries from many users. There is an outstanding feature request that calls for the implementation of DNSSEC support within this area of cPanel/WHM and according to what the company has told GekkoFyre Networks recently, they will not be implementing it anytime soon.

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