• The Lizard (WordPress Hosting)

    From $7.95/mo
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    • An excellent plan for those who simply desire a WordPress blog and nothing more. Everything is automatically setup and configured for you from the get-go.
  • The Kobold

    From $9.95/mo
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    • A low-cost alternative to The Lizard that offers more customization, although not suitable for anything more than small amounts of dynamic content.
  • The Wyvern

    From $12.95/mo
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    • Now offering the Site Designer functionality where you may design your website with a few clicks of your mouse, from a selection of 125+ professionally crafted templates.
  • The Drakelet

    From $19.95/mo
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    • Whilst offering more ‘oomph’ for your buck with an additional vCPU and extra memory, the Site Designer now comes with additional eCommerce facilities, excellent for any business!
  • The Dragon

    From $29.95/mo
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    • Adding onto The Drakelet, you now have a total of 4 x vCPUs for extreme performance that will be able to handle any problem you can throw at this plan! Excellent for high-throughput websites and domains.