onFyre Membership and Guidelines

For the very few highly privileged clients here at GekkoFyre Networks, there is the onFyre Membership which is granted in only but the rarest cases. Highly valued members of GekkoFyre who are part of this group receive a 12.50% discount on every service and product ordered through us, no matter how big or small. Such individuals are also exempt from having their services suspended or terminated for late payment or overuse of server resources, though we do kindly ask that you not abuse this privilege.

Please note that if you are a part of this group, your discount will only be applied at the time of making payment itself (i.e. when you're actually up to the payment gateway step). Sometimes, you will not observe that any discounts have been applied (although they most certainly would have been) until after you have received the invoice for making good on any payments. Sadly, this is due to how our billing system operates and it will require a major rewrite in its code to change the behavior otherwise. In any case, you will always walk away with a 12.50% discount and not be additionally charged. If you are confused by this then please feel free to make contact with our Accounts & Billing support department.

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