Account Suspension & Penalty Fees

As a client of GekkoFyre Networks, you must remember that there are a number of routes for navigating the late payment of an invoice which don't always end with accrued penalty fees or suspension of your services. Our technical support department is very open to the idea of working out issues where possible so that in the end, our clients have the best possible result that can be obtained. Then there are the clients who have attained a prestigious onFyre Membership and are exempt from account/service suspension altogether, although we do kindly ask that you please not abuse this privilege. In the event that you do accrue penalty fees for late payment of an invoice, then the following conditions apply:

Service / Product Period of time after due-date Penalty fee Notes
Simple Hosting 5 days 12.50% Minimum amount: USD$2.95
Virtual Private Servers 5 days 12.50% See as per above
Gaming Servers 5 days 12.50% See as per above
SSL Certificates 5 days 12.50% See as per above

Domain names are handled differently and as a result, have a dissimilar set of fees. We recommend that if the renewal date for your domain name is past the expiry or even close to it by a few days, that you are to contact our technical support team immediately in order to avoid monstrous fees, as you can see below. These fees are largely outside of our control and are set by the third-party through which we buy our second-level domains from as a registered company, so we do apologize. GekkoFyre Networks hopes to avoid such penalty fees in the future by finding other registrars to partner with but for now, the domain registrar we are currently with provides wholesale prices that are too good to simply pass up on.

Product / Service Grace Period Time Grace Period Fee Redemption Period Time Redemption Period Fee
Domain Names 21 days USD$30.00 10 days USD$300.00
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