What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Services can basically be summed up as hosting with all the juicy extras! Not only do you get top-tier support where you can ask such questions that you normally couldn't at other web-server providers, at least not without a large fee on top, but you can expect a number of basics such as the following to apply and more:

  • Initial setup (i.e. automatic server provisioning)
  • Automatic backups of your server(s) made around-the-clock (bare-metal in the case of virtual private servers)
  • Operating system rebuilds at no additional cost (although do note that there maybe an additional cost for custom components)
  • 24/7 monitoring of the infrastructure and each, individual VPS (at 5-minutely intervals via SNMP)
  • Installation of cPanel/WHM onto a supported operating system
  • Installation and configuration of MariaDB
  • Setup of Reverse DNS
  • Troubleshoot any networking issues
  • Load balancing
  • Support for the operating systems that we provide as templates

Our system administrators are also able to provide you with basic technical advice regarding most, if not all, server related issues and/or questions you may have. We can provide recommendations on such topics as software and hardware upgrades, performance improvements, issues relating to permissions, how to undertake a particular action in cPanel, how to install something, and so forth.

Where exclusions and may and do apply

  • Issues which are the fault of third-party software directly and as such, outside of our (i.e. GekkoFyre Networks) control. These problems need to be addressed by the client directly via their software vendor.
  • If the software package in question has been found to receive a non-standard change and/or is mis-configured outside of the normal operating parameters, then GekkoFyre Networks reserves the right to quote you their hourly fee before going forward with any possible changes.
  • You require the setup and/or configuration of server software in specialised circumstances, possibly with 'non-standard' parameters, as determined by GekkoFyre Networks.
    • An example of this is where with one of our clients required the setup and configuration of a ZNC IRC Bouncer specific to his needs, which then had to be tied into Webmin, Fail2Ban, and a Firewall. We don't normally offer such a solution by default so instead, we charged said client our hourly rate.
    • Our fee for anything we don't cover by default is USD$40 p/hour, divided and charged in 30 minute increments. We currently accept payment via PayPal and Stripe for this.
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