What is this Multicraft control panel?

Multicraft is a control panel solution that empowers users with the ability to setup and easily maintain dedicated Minecraft servers, all without having to understand deep knowledge on command-line interfaces! All of the tools with Multicraft are presented to you through an easy-to-understand GUI. Customization of your Minecraft server to how you suit is simple as a few clicks of your mouse. Some of the features include the following:

  • Customization
    • Give yourself items in-game or teleport using your player profile
    • Manage user and player-rights per server
    • Built-in FTP server
    • MOTD system
    • Dynamic server status banner images
    • Access the console and send server commands in the panel
  • Stability
    • Update Minecraft from the control panel itself
    • Easy start/stop/restart your server(s)
    • Send a chat broadcast across your server(s)
  • Compatibility
    • Works with a multitude of MODs
    • Unicode support
  • Security
    • Detailed analytics
    • Easily kick or ban players using the web-frontend
    • Backup worlds easily with the ability to download said backup
    • Status overview of your server(s)
    • View the status and analytics of each and every player in detail

You can view all of the features at the official site. If there's a supported feature that's simply not enabled then feel free to make a request via our technical support forms! We'll be more than happy to accommodate your needs where feasible. It should be stated that Multicraft is one of the very best control panels available when it comes to strictly providing services for Minecraft and only that.

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