Enabling JetBackup for Simple Hosting

In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws affecting our clients in the European Union (EU), or simply have background backup processes that involve data travelling through this region, GekkoFyre Networks has implemented a change to the process of backing up data for shared hosting customers.

If you are a client who is affected by this change, you will need to undertake the following steps in order to activate your daily backups to our off-site servers. This is to ensure our compliance with EU law, and the security and privacy of your data.

GekkoFyre Networks - Simple/Shared Hosting Control Panel

You will firstly have to login to your account with us here at GekkoFyre Networks before proceeding to the My Services management area. Once at that location, select the Simple Hosting account that you have with us and you will be similarly greeted with something as shown above. In the lower left-hand corner under One Click Login, select cPanel where you'll be taken to the more advanced controls of your account.

GekkoFyre Networks - JetBackup Management Interface

Once within the cPanel interface, navigate towards JetBackup as shown above where you'll be taken to a series of screens that require some information to be filled out (it's not much and shouldn't take more than a minute or two!).

GekkoFyre Networks - JetBackup - Legal Agreements

Please read the following Legal Agreements which you'll be presented with and decide whether you agree to them or not. You will only be able to continue to the next screen if you agree to everything.

GekkoFyre Networks - JetBackup - User Configuration

This will be final screen which you can configure to your wishes. You just need to follow the instructions as presented, if any, dependent on how you desire for the settings to be. If you require technical help and/or advice then please, we invite you to open a support ticket with our staff here at GekkoFyre Networks. You are also welcome to join our Discord server at anytime.

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