Visitors and clients to this site might have noticed that as of last night, we are starting to introduce the long-awaited gaming services to GekkoFyre Networks at long last. The product line, at the time of writing, currently includes TeamSpeak3 servers, Mumble VoIP, Factorio and Rust servers of which the latter includes the Oxide MOD as an optional extra which can be (de-)activated at any time the user so wishes. There will be many more services related to our gaming network coming over the next few days including the highly desired Minecraft servers and its variants, plus many of the popular MODs as optional extras. We also have our own public TeamSpeak server too of which you may find at the link [ 1 ] below. Feel free to use it within your gaming sessions or matches, it's both free and has an unlimited user limit! We offer this as a service to the furry and otherkin communities. You may also purchase your own private TeamSpeak3 server with us and configure however you wish, the decision is yours.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

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