General Updates and WIP Design of New Mascot

Hello everyone! It’s been a while since the last update was made to this company blog and the reason for this is that I, Christopher McGill (a.k.a. Phobos D’thorga), was taking an extended break to recharge my batteries and just rejuvenate. Everyone needs a break once in a while and well, the same only applies to me, especially after I had spent many months pouring my heart and soul into this organization. But back into the action it beckons for me and more regular updates should continue from this point onwards.

With regard to the past few weeks in particular, CurioDraco and I have been hard-at-work in coming up with an official mascot design to represent GekkoFyre Networks as an organization, and the values it holds for furries, therians and those with otherkin beliefs and/or feelings.

We decided on a design that would be partially Draconic in character whilst retaining characteristics of a Bearded Dragon, all the while being goofy and toony at the same time. Beardies make wonderful companions and if you have the time, resources, and effort to dedicated towards caring for one given that they are an exotic animal, then I highly recommend adopting.

Lastly, for legal purposes, please note that all characters shown in this post along with any derivatives are Copyright © 2006 to 2019 – GekkoFyre Networks, All Rights Reserved. Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC BY-NC-SA).

Issues with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha

GekkoFyre Networks would like to apologize to our clients/users and any potential customers for if you have personally been affected by issues with our billing and invoicing system, where in the past few days, pages might have refused to load or you’ve potentially been locked out of certain systems and/or functions depending on your choice of web-browser and plugins used.

The issues in question stemmed from problems with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha system misidentifying genuine users as spammers and as a result, we have moved towards an older version that is much more reliable while allowing for a greater depth of debugging.

If you continue to experience issues then we advise you to please join our Official Discord server where one of our Administrators or Staff Members will be able to assist you. But we’ve done extensive testing since this event and all systems seem to be working normally once again.

Minecraft Servers Announcement; Community Donations Plugin

It is with great pride that we announce the launching of our Dedicated Minecraft Servers to the general public! With this announcement comes the offering of several Minecraft products for the public to choose from, notably:

Along with each, comes the ability to easily make (up to heavy) modifications to the server and add as many plugins as your heart desires. Our gaming control panel, which is powered by, allows for ease-of-customization along with any generalized modifications. You can also check on metrics as to how your server is being used, all without having to login to the game itself. Then there is the fact that with us, you can have your server entirely self-funded by the community at large!

Setup of a new account is a near instant, completely automated process and so too is the wiping/re-installation of a server if problems are encountered that cannot be easily reversed. Each user is further granted SFTP access so that they may easily upload files, whether they be map-packs, addons, MODs, or something else entirely that relates to the game. A MariaDB database is provided at an additional charge if a certain addon requires SQL access but otherwise, all of these controls are provided to you within the UI and are not in anyway an exhaustive list of all the features.

If you wish to change between differing types of Minecraft APIs , say from Minecraft Forge towards Bungeecord, then that is totally possible also without incurring any additional charges to your account. Our easy-to-use upgrades system makes this all possible through only a few clicks of your mouse via the Client Area!

Lastly, we have an excellent donations plugin for any community-run servers, regardless of the fact if you have a Minecraft server or not. The plugin is available to all accounts at GekkoFyre Networks upon signup.

With our donations feature, you don’t need to closely monitor your community gaming server with regard to billing charges and public interest being lost. Once the donations stop coming in or become a trickle of what they once were, we’ll disconnect your server for you, but only after some advanced warning.

As such, you can leave your server in the hands of the community at large and have it entirely self-funded! We’ll keep an eye on it for you and let you know of any major changes ahead of time to the best of our abilities.

New Control Panel UI for Cloud VPS Customers; Additional Server Location in North America

Just a week or so ago we had somewhat unannouncedly upgraded to an entirely new system at the very foundation of our infrastructure here at GekkoFyre Networks. What are we speaking of? Well, we migrated hypervisors, sort of, from the now oft-forgotten SolusVM to the far better supported, and more frequently updated Virtualizor. As such, it has come with a new Control Panel UI for our Fully Managed Cloud VPS client-base as you can see below.

We do sincerely apologize for the extended maintenance/outage period that was incurred as a result of this change, it went for a few hours more than expected. But the primary reason for this change, you ask? The backups that the former hypervisor manager were generating just weren’t reliable nor frequent enough. It took two full days to generate backups for only three machines, despite the fact that we have 25+ servers at the time of writing this. Ideally, we want backups to happen on a daily basis for most VMs and this just wasn’t possible beforehand.

As of late, we have also acquired a new server location in Beauharnois, Canada! Which is right near the border with the United States, making it an excellent dedicated game server for North Americans in general. This came about through the merging of multiple, disparate bare-metal servers at the end of the month to save on infrastructure costs overall in the medium-to-long term. As a side-effect, we ended up with a server possessing a rather large amount of resources in a new location from which we can add new clients towards!

Please note though that if you are a current client based on our primary London, U.K., server right at this instance, we are not accepting applications for migrations towards Beauharnois just yet. This will soon come in the near-future, so please be patient. We need all the resources we can get at the moment for individuals signing-up for dedicated game services.

New Theme for Mobile Devices; Discounts for June (includes pre-existing clients!)

If you are browsing GekkoFyre Networks on a mobile device, then you might have noticed some quality-of-life changes as of late. We are proud to announce the inclusion of a proper, semi-decent mobile theme at last especially given that approximately two-thirds of the user-base visiting this site comes from said segment.

But for the month of June towards the end of July, we have a new coupon code that includes discounts of 20% for even pre-existing clients to GekkoFyre Networks as well, in-case any wish to upgrade their services and/or add additional products from our repertoire to their account. This coincides with the introduction of our new billing/invoicing system which allows clients to pay in multiple, differing ways now and create actual, meaningful billing agreements without stepping all over previous ones.

As it typically goes with every new upgrade and feature inclusion to this site, please report any technical issues and/or oddities via the creation of a Support Ticket, please. This is the most preferred method as we have the topic of concern in writing that way, which we can then show to developers upstream much more easily.

Anyhow, the coupon code is this which you can apply at the time of checkout: 2GNLK2KX51. Please note that the coupon only applies to the following:

Such services as SSL certificates, Weebly web-designer, and any other unmentioned third-party services are not included. Lastly, we encourage you to vote in the article, “What Should We Create For A Community-Run Game Server?”. Your choice of which game server(s) we should pursue will have a lasting impact on GekkoFyre Networks as an organization and will help steer us towards success.

Otherwise, we would love to hear your comments about the new updates within our Official Discord Server, which is where much of the ‘serious business’ discussions are held! Please join our rapidly growing community.

Within the next few days, we will be detailing the oft-unused Donations Tool which we offer to every client signed-up with our organization. We encourage gamers who stream to especially to make use of this plugin, as it helps drive engagement with their immediate user community.

Poll: What should we create for a community-run game server?

So! In our effort of continuing to provide charitable services to the furry, otherkin, and therian communities, we wish to start providing an entirely community-run game server to all the critters out there, free-of-charge and run-by-the-wildlife!

As a result of this, we invite you to vote in the poll just below (up to a three possible unique times!) and have your voice heard in this democratic process. We wish for everything to be done, performed, created, and maintained by the community-at-large as much as possible, since it is you that keeps the lights on at GekkoFyre Networks.

What kind of community-run game server should we create and maintain?

  • Minecraft (w/ extensive MOD support) (50%, 4 Votes)
  • Factorio (25%, 2 Votes)
  • OpenTTD (25%, 2 Votes)
  • Don't Starve Together (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Xonotic (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Squad (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Insurgency (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Rust (0%, 0 Votes)
  • ARK: Survival Evolved (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Arma 3 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Team Fortress 2 (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Garry's Mod (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Unturned (via RocketMod) (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

Loading ... Loading ...

Your choice matters greatly within the poll and will decide the future of GekkoFyre Networks, but please, don’t allow that to cause fear from voting! We sincerely appreciate every vote made and need as many as possible to make the best decision attainable.

Lastly, it should be noted that the server in question will be located within Kansas, United States. The one we currently have is loaded up with tons of resources and a modern, Intel Xeon CPU. It can handle any modern video game that you throw at it, along with several more! We always make sure to choose dedicated, bare-metal servers at GekkoFyre Networks that will provide not only room for growth, but will also give a large buffer in terms of high-performance for our customers. Not only that, but they must also be rock-solid stable in how they perform, meaning that there’s very little downtime.

Be sure to share this blog article with your friends! Whether it is by a Twitter post, Mastodon RAWR/Toot, via Discord servers, a Telegram chat, or by some other means ^,==,^ More votes equals a better video-game dedicated server choice for everyone!

The Drake Network Announcement; Oddities around GekkoFyre are now Fixed; Clear caches

GekkoFyre is happy to announce the launch of its own Mastodon instance called The Drake Network! Its demographic is aimed at the anthropomorphic (i.e. ‘furries‘), the LGBTQI, and the otherkin/therian communities but everyone is, of course, free to create an account on it. You may read over the mission objective, additional features over other Mastodon instances, and the rules by visiting the About page. We wish for everyone to have a fantastic experience and to be excellent to each other, no more.

But this comes with a new domain registration for us, specifically and, with the latter being an alias for our Mastodon instance and anyone who signs-up.

So what is Mastodon? Mastodon can be explained as being basically like a mix of Google+ and Twitter only with less bullies, trolls, and neo-Nazis. It’s also a social network but without all the venture capitalism and big corporatism that you tend to find within others, so don’t expect us to tolerate big business or data-mining of any kind here.

The biggest difference between Mastodon and the likes of Twitter, the now defunct Google+, Facebook, and other ‘commercial’ social networks is that instead of running on servers owned wholly by a corporate entity, Mastodon runs on computers owned by whoever feels like starting their own “instance”. Therefore each instance can set their own policies, code-of-conduct, who else they federate with, which servers they block and do communicate with, and so much more.

If you are the administrator of a Mastodon instance yourself and wish to create a federation relay with The Drake Network, then you only need to fill out this form and submit it to us. We should reply within the next 24-48 working hours. That said, we are already working with a few other furry-oriented instances within the community to create relays independently.

In other news, it also seems we had some oddities around GekkoFyre Networks with regard to how the web-pages were rendered. This was due to the use of Minification which compresses Javascript, CSS, and sometimes HTML even, but it can introduce bugs every now and then into the website that is employing said process. This is especially the case if there is a lot of code in use and it is of a complex nature. So for now, we have disabled Minification and do not plan to re-enable it within the near future. The ‘site theme’ that we employ doesn’t seem happy with the use of it.

If you continue to see oddities around GekkoFyre Networks then we would sincerely appreciate if you could clear your file cache within your browser, please. That should fix any remaining problems.

Lastly, one of our most valued staff members, Arctic Edward, has been promoted to the role of Social Media Manager! His new tasks will specifically involve managing and moderating The Drake Network in my blind-spots (speaking as Christopher McGill a.k.a. Phobos D’thorga here) now that my workload is starting to increase quite considerably as GekkoFyre Networks slowly becomes more popular over time.

Announcement of new Marketing Campaign; Discounts!

Today, GekkoFyre Networks is proud to announce the launch of a new marketing campaign in association with SoFurry! So please keep your eyes peeled for any of the below leaderboards on SoFurry’s website. We’d appreciate any comments on the campaign in general within our Official Discord channel also.

In conjunction with this, we are releasing a coupon code as well that will grant (potential) clients of GekkoFyre Networks a 25% discount on pretty much everything that we offer! This includes all domain name registrations plus transfers and renewals, virtual private servers, shared hosting, Zimbra hosted email, game servers, and so much more. The only exception is that SSL certificates and Weebly services are not covered, apologies, as we have a very low profit margin on the latter in particular. But otherwise, upgrades of pre-existing services are also covered for customers of GekkoFyre Networks that already have an account and service with us.

So! The code in question is, CRG9TNLS6C, and it’s time to start saving.

If you have any questions, queries, or even comments, then please redirect them to our technical support staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

Who and what is Therianthropy?

Firstly, before getting into the meat of this article, we would like to extend our thanks towards Skaw for bringing this aspect of the otherkin community to our attention from a recent Twitter post of his. Many of the staff members here at GekkoFyre Networks were already aware of this aspect, regarding Therian/s/thropy. But for those that are unaware of what this concern of spirituality both is and involves, strap yourselves in and read onwards!

The modern form of Therianthropy is characterised by an individual possessing a deep feeling and personal belief that they are a non-human animal, whether in spirit, past life, or some other form along those lines. It should be noted at this point that Therianthropes are strictly Human and understand fully well that they have Human bodies physically. But most Therians identify as an Earthly animal they feel a close connection with, typically in spirit, which can include the entire spectrum of all that is alive today, along with anything currently extinct, or even prehistoric in nature. This is what tends to separate a Therianthrope from an otherkin, the latter of which has a belief that they are a mystical being of some sort, such as the form of a Dragon (i.e. Dragonkin).

The Therian symbol, as displayed below, is represented as a ‘theta-delta’ in its most widely depicted form. According to Skaw, the symbol consists of two Greek letters layered on-top of each other; the Delta and Theta characters. Both characters are typically depicted in the same colour against a single contrasting value.

He goes on to say that they may be further stylised by intertwining the letters. The theta-delta was created in 2003 on an early version of The WereList forums and the intent, as Skaw mentions, was to make a universal Therian symbol for the entire community, which after considering various ideas, the theta-delta was henceforth born.

Unfortunately, the original forum thread concerning this topic disappeared in a server crash a few months later and almost all of the web-pages explaining the idea of the theta-delta symbol were lost, with no archives or backups having been made.

One of its original uses was to be optionally worn (as an identifying symbol), so that other Therians would recognise the wearer as another individual with traits similar to themselves, and not feel awkward about starting a conversation concerning Therianthropy.

In Skaw’s closing remarks, we see many adaptations of the original and basic theta-delta design across the Internet, with it often being turned into unique, one-off charms with personal significance to the owner and individual wearing it. The colours of the theta-delta design are supposed to represent the following:

“The green symbolizes (sic) beings of the land, blue those of water, and white those of flight, or in the air. The black symbolizes the unknown, AKA the reason we feel the way we do.”

Slavaseshbetween, 2015 – 2016.

We hope this teaching/history lesson has been enjoyable and if you’ve made it this far in order to be reading this last paragraph, we would sincerely appreciate if you clicked the “Like” button! We, of course, owe our due thanks to Skaw for originally providing this information. It should also be said that Shadow D. Wolf provided some complimentary information too, although we are unable to provide a link to his social media due to safe-for-work issues. We encourage you to search out for the hyperlinks in this article which contain a rich assortment of important information concerning this very topic on Therianthropy.

Discounts and Happy Easter from the team at GekkoFyre Networks!

From the team here at GekkoFyre Networks, we wish everyone a happy and safe Easter while hoping that you all get plenty of chocolate eggs to eat! I, Christopher (Phobos D’thorga), have sure been enjoying the break, where much playing of the new video game Anno 1800 has been had. Let us know what you have been up-to in our official Discord server! We’re a friendly bunch with only simple rules and as long as you do nothing too risqué or adult in nature, you’ll be fine.

But to celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, we have a special deal in store for both new and existing customers! If you apply for a new product of any of the following:

Then you are eligible for a 25% discount if you use the coupon code, BR2SBN4K3Q, during the checkout process. If you encounter any issues and/or wish to discuss a question with us, then please open a ticket with our support agents.