Links to our public TeamSpeak servers which operate under the GekkoFyre Networks banner can be found below, of which members of the public are permitted to use provided that they follow our Acceptable Use Policy and any following, binding legal documents. Feel free to use these servers for your gaming sessions with other users or even your friends, there's a limitless user count permitted on the servers so no matter how large the gathering(s) maybe, you can ensure a safe and successful gaming match with GekkoFyre Networks having your back! You may also purchase your own private TeamSpeak3 server with us and configure however you wish, the decision is yours.

Please report any abuse of our services by submitting a ticket to our support staff and we'll get on the case right away. Make sure to include as much detail about the incident as possible so that we can make the right decision, in a timely manner as possible.

TeamSpeak Servers

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