What is XenoPanel?

We at GekkoFyre Networks have partnered with XenoPanel to provide you with an optimized experience via a top-notch control panel. With XenoPanel, you will be able to easily manage your game servers whether you're an individual user or even a small-to-medium organization/clan, all within the one interface under the single account, no matter how many individual servers you have and various video game profiles. It even comes with excellent support for adding MODs and levels/maps! Below are some of the features included with this control panel solution:

* Powerful per-client API controls
* Robust file manager
* FTP access
* DNS & MySQL manager
* Support for sub-domains under your own second-level domain or one provided by us at GekkoFyre Networks
* Sub-user management for your organization and/or clan
* FastDL support integrated with Steam
* Mod Manager / Install System built exclusively for Steam-based games
* Console & Commands
* Two-factor authentication for each (sub-)user
* Regularly made backups as automatically undertaken by us at GekkoFyre Networks
* Node & Server Monitoring plus Statistics
* Player management through the control-panel itself
* And so much more!

Here are some screenshots of our XenoPanel setup with a demo server of our Minecraft (PC) service! Just do note that depending on the exact type of gaming service you are obtaining through us, there might be additional and/or different screens than the ones listed down below, such as additional screens for FastDL configuration and setup.

Manage your FTP settings easily.

Choose from an enormous range of plugins, maps, and MODs as maintained by the user community at large.

There are even large MOD-packs included for additional ease-of-configuration that will get your game server going in no time!

View detailed statistics of every individual player within your game server in real-time.

Main configuration variables are available right at your fingertips and are easily changeable.

Included is a full-featured, HTML based file manager that will allow you to do everything that can be done over FTP, although the latter is offered too for added posterity.

Create and request additional ports which might be required by user-installed MODs. It's there for if you need the freedom!

Create and maintain your own backups on-top of the daily made system backups as performed by GekkoFyre Networks ourselves!

Create your own MySQL databases which might be required by some plugins, maps and/or MODs. Once again, it's there for if you need the freedom.

Create your own cron-tasks as might be required by some plugins and/or MODs. Like as per above, we give you the freedom to do as you please.

If you have any questions and/or comments about XenoPanel then please, redirect them to our support team who will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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