What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Services can basically be summed up as hosting with all the juicy extras! Not only do you get top-tier support where you can ask such questions that you normally couldn't at other web-server providers, at least not without a large fee on top, but you can expect a number of basics such as the following to apply and more:

* Initial setup (i.e. automatic server provisioning)
* Automatic backups of your server(s) made around-the-clock (bare-metal in the case of virtual private servers)
* Operating system rebuilds at no additional cost (although do note that there maybe an additional cost for custom components)
* 24/7 monitoring of the infrastructure and each, individual VPS (at 5-minutely intervals via SNMP)
* Installation of cPanel/WHM onto a supported operating system
* Installation and configuration of MariaDB
* Setup of Reverse DNS
* Troubleshoot any networking issues

Our system administrators are also able to provide you with technical advice regarding most, if not all, server related issues and/or questions you may have. We can provide recommendations on such topics as software and hardware upgrades, performance improvements, issues relating to permissions, how to undertake a particular action in cPanel, how to install something, and so forth.

Where exclusions and may and do apply

* Issues which are the fault of third-party software directly and as such, outside of our (i.e. GekkoFyre Networks) control. These problems need to be addressed by the client directly via their software vendor.
* If the software package in question has been found to receive a non-standard change and/or is mis-configured outside of the normal operating parameters, then GekkoFyre Networks reserves the right to quote you their hourly fee before going forward with any possible changes.

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