What is noVNC?

The aim of noVNC is to make it possible to easily and readily connect to virtual machines and dedicated servers using a VNC client through web-browsers that support both websockets and HTML5 postMessage function (webkit browsers, Firefox, IE > 10). As of this writing (November, 2018), noVNC has the following features:

* Supports all modern browsers including mobile (iOS, Android).
* Supported VNC encodings: raw, copyrect, rre, hextile, tight, tightPNG.
* Supports scaling, clipping and resizing the desktop.
* Local cursor rendering.
* Clipboard copy/paste.
* Licensed mainly under the MPL 2.0, see the license document for details.

Browser Requirements

These are the minimum versions that the noVNC development team are currently aware of:

* Chrome 49, Firefox 44, Safari 10, Opera 36, IE 11, Edge 12.



noVNC within KVM

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