Update on Patreon

Hello again everyone! We just wish to update you all in regards to Patreon that we are indeed working on the website pages here at GekkoFyre Networks which will display your patronage and where applicable, your personal or even organization’s website.

If for some reason you have signed-up and the appropriate Discord role has not been assigned to you, please contact one of our administrators within that server. There usually is at least one administrator online at all times. Regarding the onFyre Membership though, we will be personally in contact with you over the next few business days if this is applicable to your patronage.

If you have only just heard about our Patreon and wish to contribute, then by all means, you may do so by clicking here! There are multiple backing levels with different awards at each, for being a financial sponsor of our future at GekkoFyre Networks. We simply ask that you at least spread-the-word about this, thank you.

Patreon; we kindly ask of you

It has come to our attention at GekkoFyre Networks that we cannot sustain the current costs of doing business for much longer without asking the community at large to donate a few dollars of their own monies here and there. As such, this is the reason why we have started our very own, official Patreon account.

If you only have a few dollars to spare, and/or even if you can only spare some funds for a month or two at the most, we’d be sincerely appreciative either way. My gut is wrenching at the thought of asking others for donations like this, but I know too that many would miss GekkoFyre Networks if it were to suddenly disappear.

We’ve set a goal of USD$200 p/month since that’s what is required to become ‘truly stable’ with our bills month after month, regarding our infrastructure’s future. But even if we met only half of that, we’d still be securing the future of this not-for-profit organization.

Not only can you obtain an onFyre Membership (provided you’re an existing client of GekkoFyre Networks or might possibly be in the future), but you can also procure special privileges such as within our Official Discord Server and with what posts you can read within this very blog. You may also optionally become recognized for your charitable efforts on our website too, whether it be for personal or business reasons, especially if you consider yourself a furry and/or a business owner within the fandom.

So please, if you can’t provide any funds for the meantime, then we kindly ask that you spread the word about this instead. Word-of-maw is immeasurably powerful, especially within the ‘furry’ (i.e. anthropomorphic) fandom where it can make or break a business.

We plan to make a page in the very near future that lists everyone that has made GekkoFyre Networks possible, provided said individuals wish to be on that page. It’s our way of saying thanks and for promoting content further within the furry fandom and for those who identify as otherkin or therian.

Issues with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha

GekkoFyre Networks would like to apologize to our clients/users and any potential customers for if you have personally been affected by issues with our billing and invoicing system, where in the past few days, pages might have refused to load or you’ve potentially been locked out of certain systems and/or functions depending on your choice of web-browser and plugins used.

The issues in question stemmed from problems with Google’s Invisible ReCaptcha system misidentifying genuine users as spammers and as a result, we have moved towards an older version that is much more reliable while allowing for a greater depth of debugging.

If you continue to experience issues then we advise you to please join our Official Discord server where one of our Administrators or Staff Members will be able to assist you. But we’ve done extensive testing since this event and all systems seem to be working normally once again.

New Theme for Mobile Devices; Discounts for June (includes pre-existing clients!)

If you are browsing GekkoFyre Networks on a mobile device, then you might have noticed some quality-of-life changes as of late. We are proud to announce the inclusion of a proper, semi-decent mobile theme at last especially given that approximately two-thirds of the user-base visiting this site comes from said segment.

But for the month of June towards the end of July, we have a new coupon code that includes discounts of 20% for even pre-existing clients to GekkoFyre Networks as well, in-case any wish to upgrade their services and/or add additional products from our repertoire to their account. This coincides with the introduction of our new billing/invoicing system which allows clients to pay in multiple, differing ways now and create actual, meaningful billing agreements without stepping all over previous ones.

As it typically goes with every new upgrade and feature inclusion to this site, please report any technical issues and/or oddities via the creation of a Support Ticket, please. This is the most preferred method as we have the topic of concern in writing that way, which we can then show to developers upstream much more easily.

Anyhow, the coupon code is this which you can apply at the time of checkout: 2GNLK2KX51. Please note that the coupon only applies to the following:

Such services as SSL certificates, Weebly web-designer, and any other unmentioned third-party services are not included. Lastly, we encourage you to vote in the article, “What Should We Create For A Community-Run Game Server?”. Your choice of which game server(s) we should pursue will have a lasting impact on GekkoFyre Networks as an organization and will help steer us towards success.

Otherwise, we would love to hear your comments about the new updates within our Official Discord Server, which is where much of the ‘serious business’ discussions are held! Please join our rapidly growing community.

Within the next few days, we will be detailing the oft-unused Donations Tool which we offer to every client signed-up with our organization. We encourage gamers who stream to especially to make use of this plugin, as it helps drive engagement with their immediate user community.

Announcement of new Marketing Campaign; Discounts!

Today, GekkoFyre Networks is proud to announce the launch of a new marketing campaign in association with SoFurry! So please keep your eyes peeled for any of the below leaderboards on SoFurry’s website. We’d appreciate any comments on the campaign in general within our Official Discord channel also.

In conjunction with this, we are releasing a coupon code as well that will grant (potential) clients of GekkoFyre Networks a 25% discount on pretty much everything that we offer! This includes all domain name registrations plus transfers and renewals, virtual private servers, shared hosting, Zimbra hosted email, game servers, and so much more. The only exception is that SSL certificates and Weebly services are not covered, apologies, as we have a very low profit margin on the latter in particular. But otherwise, upgrades of pre-existing services are also covered for customers of GekkoFyre Networks that already have an account and service with us.

So! The code in question is, CRG9TNLS6C, and it’s time to start saving.

If you have any questions, queries, or even comments, then please redirect them to our technical support staff who will be more than happy to assist you.