Revamped Network Status page with more servers

Only a small update but we have revamped our Network Status instance with the newer servers that have become part of our repertoire as of late. This is also a notice that if you haven’t already done so yet, you should become a subscriber to any and possibly all of future network-related incidents here at GekkoFyre Networks, so you are kept up-to-date instead of left wondering why your website is having issues! Not that we often have infrastructure issues, that is *wink wink*.

But if you are interested in becoming a subscriber and receiving email alerts as such, just navigate to this page and scroll down to the bottom where upon you will find a Green button with an outline that is aptly titled, “Subscribe”. You then select the servers which interest/concern you and that is it! You will receive all future alerts at your designated email address up and until the point you ever decide to unsubscribe.

Affiliate rewards increased; Full steam ahead with; Greater data security

After some discussion it has now been agreed that affiliate rewards should be increased from the once measly 5% on kickbacks of every sale referred by yourself to a much greater 10% instead, effectively doubling what you earn. The previous reward amount just wasn’t garnering much interest from the community nor was it fulfilling its purpose too well, which was to reward members for taking a more active part in supporting GekkoFyre Networks. That said, we’d love to hear any and all comments on this change so please let us know what you think!

Due to the rather poor relationship that has almost always existed between GekkoFyre Networks and LiamSystems (i.e. owners of XenoPanel), we have decided to terminate any kind of relationship that we have had with LiamSystems effective immediately and will no longer be supporting their products in any capacity. While we do try not to ‘air our dirty laundry’ for all to see, the most that we can say on this topic is that you should look elsewhere as XenoPanel hasn’t been looked on kindly from a security perspective especially, so we definitely advise any newcomers before putting down the large amount of money required to license it. There are much better alternatives out there, such as which we will now likely be supporting ourselves. We are using Multicraft also in tandem with that or another choice that has yet to be made.

Although I simply feel awful for making everyone wait weeks and even months for us to provide gaming services which are still yet to be delivered, because we were trying to make a shoddy product work to the best of our abilities. We have very high standards for the services and products we provide at GekkoFyre Networks, in terms of both quality and security, but hopefully now we can get somewhere and somewhat quickly at that. I offer my sincerest apologies for making you all wait.

In other news, we now offer better data integrity/security than ever before through the routine backups of your Virtual Private Servers, Zimbra Hosted Email, Shared Hosting, etc. As we now make use of no less than two S3-based storage providers for redundancy in all the backups we create along with our own dedicated backup server in Kansas, United States. This makes for at least three, geographically separate backup points. It should be noted that with some of the backups we create, depending on the type of system you are concerned with, the backup in question may be complimentary to other data redundancy processes going on at the time as we wish for all bases to be covered and if possible, multiple times at that.

Lastly, as an adjunct to the brief mention from before that we are now going to be using Multicraft in our new and upcoming gaming server product lineup, we are looking for individuals who are skilled with playing the game itself and perhaps with running a dedicated Minecraft server even. We require your help so that we may start offering these servers to the furry, otherkin and therian communities and perhaps, even a public server at that for any and all to use though we’d require someone with a bit of free time to administrate the server in question. You can checkout what Multicraft is and its feature-set by clicking here.

If you wish to offer your paw at helping us get this product/service lineup ready and out the door as soon as possible, please either make yourself known in our Official Discord Server, or use the Contact Form on our main website. Thank you!

Bush-fires, Weebly & New Staff Member

So it’s official! The fires have died down enough that I’m no longer under the threat that I was back a week or so ago, where I literally thought I was going to lose all my possessions and even the roof I currently live under. There’s only a most minimal chance of the fires reaching both the township and my homestead now; the need to panic is over! This is such a huge relief like you wouldn’t believe…

With that said, GekkoFyre Networks has acquired a newly paid Staff Member named Ben Weinstein within the past few days. They will be with us for the long-term as a paid software consultant, fixing up issues around the site here and there whilst making the odd improvement as well. While they may not presently frequent it, you can still say hello to all the other staff members in our Official Discord Server! Not to mention all the kindly local-folk who are there to simply pay a visit and have a good discussion.

Lastly, at the request of a client, we have decided to add Weebly to our list of products and services. For those of you who are not happy with the freely provided Site Designer tools in our Shared Hosting packages, then there is always that available as an alternative option, which I’m told is somewhat superior for users who are just starting out. Otherwise, if you possess moderate or even advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, then we highly recommend that you try the included tools with our Wyvern, Drakelet, and Dragon packages firstly. You might be surprised :)

Australia, Bush-fires & Having to Evacuate

There are currently very severe bush-fires raging in Victoria, Australia, when you head east of Melbourne. They were primarily situated in Bunyip State Park but have just recently broken the boundaries of such and are now threatening the township of Drouin, where I live, not to even mention all of the adjacent communities. If you have a look at the screenshot below, which is taken from my phone, you will notice that the blackened areas are where the fire has already decimated and the area emblazoned in Red, are locations that are at immediate threat to life itself and livelihood.

In the event that I do have to evacuate, the following staff members of GekkoFyre Networks will be taking over a guardianship role of the company in my place:

  • Arctic Emerald
    • Overseeing the infrastructure and general health of the site
  • Davwyn Edward
    • Lead Discord Administrator
  • Saros
    • Discord Administrator

I do have in my possession quite a high-end notebook along with 40 GB of cell-phone data, so I will try to do my very best to administrate this company from the position of what will be a large shelter. That said, there shall be no disruptions in service given how everything is planned out. You may still freely continue to sign-up to our services and receive technical support as needed, as we’ve covered all areas where there could be a lack of continuity. Given the situation at the moment even, I might not have to evacuate after all. We’re just planning for the very worst so that everyone is prepared.

Now onto some lighter news. We recognized that there were some unusual behaviors around the site after migrating to the new look and feel and as such, we have taken corrective action for them. There are still some issues that require fixing but for the most part, the site is now in excellent condition. Please continue to report any sightings of unusual behavior and we’ll get right onto it :)

Introducing the brand new look and feel

Welcome back to GekkoFyre Networks after the extended maintenance period that lasted for 2.5 days! We do sincerely apologize for this and as a result of it going way past our estimates, we personally emailed many of our existing clients, namely the ones who already have active services with us, in order to let them know that we had gifted them a generous amount of credits to their account. You may find how many credits you have within the Client Area to the top-right paw side and these maybe spent anyway you desire. Whether it be for a new domain name or even transfer/renewal, a hosting package (i.e. such as from our Simple Hosting or Cloud VPS range), an SSL certificate, to upgrade your pre-existing services, or saved for our soon-to-be-released gaming services!

Concerning the gaming services, we are working with our vendor on getting those setup as we are speaking since a little additional help was required in the configuration stage. We thank Liam Denston of XenoPanel for his time in helping us currently.

Additionally, be sure to checkout the screenshots below as they show off the new look and feel of GekkoFyre Networks from the areas which detail the plans that we offer, to how some of the control panels (though not all) appear. We also have screenshots of how our gaming control panel will appear once released, in a separate post from a few weeks ago.

Because of this new ‘theme’ that is now in permanent use, there may be some oddities around our main site here at and as a result, we sincerely ask that you, the community, to please kindly report anything that is unusual or outright broken in nature. You may do that by either commenting on this blog post itself, submitting a ticket to our technical support agents, or via mentioning it in our Official Discord Server. Any of these three methods is fine and we thank you for your contribution.

We would be remiss if there was no mention of the huge discounts that are still currently in effect until 1st April, 2019. Until then, you may submit for a huge discount of up to 45% off many of our services but please, be sure to check out that post for all the details and conditions firstly, along with which coupon code to use.

That should be all for now and lastly, we welcome any comments and slight criticism about the new look and feel for GekkoFyre Networks! We would love to hear your thoughts so comment away! ^,==,^

New Server Status & Health Area; Keep up-to-date…

We are happy to release our new Server Status & Health area of GekkoFyre Networks, where you can keep up-to-date on the latest happenings of outages, system interruptions, downtime, etc. regarding any of the servers and/or front-end interfaces for our entire infrastructure! You will even notice that at the bottom, there is an area where you may subscribe to updates relating to outages/downtime for all or some of the servers that you are interested in.

This section of the site is not entirely complete yet, as we do plan on adding some metrics to it such as the amount of bandwidth that is being processed by GekkoFyre Networks at any one time. This will of course be backdated by a few hours for security reasons. But let us know what you think in our official Discord server!