Having designed websites and time servers for more than 15 years, I’ve used a number of technologies and hosting solutions. As someone who is serious about security and privacy, I spend a lot of effort making sure my websites and servers are the most secure they can be. To have the best in stability and privacy, you also need to minimize who has control over your servers.

My setup prior to trying GekkoFyre was two servers hosted by a provider in Paris, in two separate data centers. While they were in two separate data centers in two separate countries, they were still controlled by a single entity in a single country. This is suboptimal from security, stability, and privacy perspectives.

Moving my server to GekkoFyre was very easy to do. The basic VPS package provided plenty of resources for what I needed at the time. It was easy to add more CPU cores later, as I installed heavier apps. I didn’t have to learn a new operating system, as all the popular images are available. The servers are very fast, as they don’t oversell the resources - the system clock is precise enough to host a time server.

While the hoster is located in Australia, their servers are located in the UK.  Both countries are respected for internet freedoms. The company itself is a proponent of open-source and privacy, promoting tech such as Mastodon. They also host gaming servers and have a Discord chat where you can meet employees and other customers to discuss geeky topics, or just share cat pictures.

The company’s target audiences are the furry and therian communities. The goal of the organization not to make a profit, but instead to roll any extra revenue into infrastructure improvements and community projects. The company is owned by a red dragon named Phobos.

I was asked by Phobos to write a testimonial. With such a great service, it was easy! In the time I’ve been with GekkoFyre, I’ve been impressed with how fast and stable the servers are. The employees are helpful, knowledgeable, and and easy to work with via tickets and in real-time chats. I recommend GekkoFyre to any furry or therian who needs hosting and hosting-related products.

There’s a money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk to give them a try.

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