Poll: What should we create for a community-run game server?

So! In our effort of continuing to provide charitable services to the furry, otherkin, and therian communities, we wish to start providing an entirely community-run game server to all the critters out there, free-of-charge and run-by-the-wildlife!

As a result of this, we invite you to vote in the poll just below (up to a three possible unique times!) and have your voice heard in this democratic process. We wish for everything to be done, performed, created, and maintained by the community-at-large as much as possible, since it is you that keeps the lights on at GekkoFyre Networks.

What kind of community-run game server should we create and maintain?

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Your choice matters greatly within the poll and will decide the future of GekkoFyre Networks, but please, don’t allow that to cause fear from voting! We sincerely appreciate every vote made and need as many as possible to make the best decision attainable.

Lastly, it should be noted that the server in question will be located within Kansas, United States. The one we currently have is loaded up with tons of resources and a modern, Intel Xeon CPU. It can handle any modern video game that you throw at it, along with several more! We always make sure to choose dedicated, bare-metal servers at GekkoFyre Networks that will provide not only room for growth, but will also give a large buffer in terms of high-performance for our customers. Not only that, but they must also be rock-solid stable in how they perform, meaning that there’s very little downtime.

Be sure to share this blog article with your friends! Whether it is by a Twitter post, Mastodon RAWR/Toot, via Discord servers, a Telegram chat, or by some other means ^,==,^ More votes equals a better video-game dedicated server choice for everyone!

Discounts and Happy Easter from the team at GekkoFyre Networks!

From the team here at GekkoFyre Networks, we wish everyone a happy and safe Easter while hoping that you all get plenty of chocolate eggs to eat! I, Christopher (Phobos D’thorga), have sure been enjoying the break, where much playing of the new video game Anno 1800 has been had. Let us know what you have been up-to in our official Discord server! We’re a friendly bunch with only simple rules and as long as you do nothing too risqué or adult in nature, you’ll be fine.

But to celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, we have a special deal in store for both new and existing customers! If you apply for a new product of any of the following:

Then you are eligible for a 25% discount if you use the coupon code, BR2SBN4K3Q, during the checkout process. If you encounter any issues and/or wish to discuss a question with us, then please open a ticket with our support agents.

Friendly announcement concerning your Google+ data

This is simply a notice to let everyone and their friends, family members, and acquaintances know to backup their Google+ data before the final date of April 2nd, 2019, which is when said service will finally be terminated. You may click here in order to find out how to do this action but just remember, depending on how active you’ve been with Google’s services over the years, it could take anywhere from a couple of hours to even days for Google to create your exported data archive which might be many gigabytes in size. So be prepared and do this as soon as possible, well in advanced!

This shouldn’t have to be said either but GekkoFyre Networks is not affiliated with Google in anyway, we are simply providing a friendly notice to our community members that they should export their data before the final termination date. We do not provide technical support for this particular product or products.

Affiliate rewards increased; Full steam ahead with; Greater data security

After some discussion it has now been agreed that affiliate rewards should be increased from the once measly 5% on kickbacks of every sale referred by yourself to a much greater 10% instead, effectively doubling what you earn. The previous reward amount just wasn’t garnering much interest from the community nor was it fulfilling its purpose too well, which was to reward members for taking a more active part in supporting GekkoFyre Networks. That said, we’d love to hear any and all comments on this change so please let us know what you think!

Due to the rather poor relationship that has almost always existed between GekkoFyre Networks and LiamSystems (i.e. owners of XenoPanel), we have decided to terminate any kind of relationship that we have had with LiamSystems effective immediately and will no longer be supporting their products in any capacity. While we do try not to ‘air our dirty laundry’ for all to see, the most that we can say on this topic is that you should look elsewhere as XenoPanel hasn’t been looked on kindly from a security perspective especially, so we definitely advise any newcomers before putting down the large amount of money required to license it. There are much better alternatives out there, such as which we will now likely be supporting ourselves. We are using Multicraft also in tandem with that or another choice that has yet to be made.

Although I simply feel awful for making everyone wait weeks and even months for us to provide gaming services which are still yet to be delivered, because we were trying to make a shoddy product work to the best of our abilities. We have very high standards for the services and products we provide at GekkoFyre Networks, in terms of both quality and security, but hopefully now we can get somewhere and somewhat quickly at that. I offer my sincerest apologies for making you all wait.

In other news, we now offer better data integrity/security than ever before through the routine backups of your Virtual Private Servers, Zimbra Hosted Email, Shared Hosting, etc. As we now make use of no less than two S3-based storage providers for redundancy in all the backups we create along with our own dedicated backup server in Kansas, United States. This makes for at least three, geographically separate backup points. It should be noted that with some of the backups we create, depending on the type of system you are concerned with, the backup in question may be complimentary to other data redundancy processes going on at the time as we wish for all bases to be covered and if possible, multiple times at that.

Lastly, as an adjunct to the brief mention from before that we are now going to be using Multicraft in our new and upcoming gaming server product lineup, we are looking for individuals who are skilled with playing the game itself and perhaps with running a dedicated Minecraft server even. We require your help so that we may start offering these servers to the furry, otherkin and therian communities and perhaps, even a public server at that for any and all to use though we’d require someone with a bit of free time to administrate the server in question. You can checkout what Multicraft is and its feature-set by clicking here.

If you wish to offer your paw at helping us get this product/service lineup ready and out the door as soon as possible, please either make yourself known in our Official Discord Server, or use the Contact Form on our main website. Thank you!

New Feature: “My Donations”!

In preparation of the release of our gaming services here at GekkoFyre Networks, we’ve released a new feature out to all user accounts! Have a look below…

Have others donate funds towards the payment of your web-services, particularly if it’s to cover the cost of your community gaming server!

This feature has been put into use as of right now and all users, existing and new, may now employ it to their benefit whether they have gaming services with us or not. Any donated funds will simply be applied to the credits you have with us, thusly enabling you to use this feature with virtual private servers, domain name purchases/renewals/transfers, SSL certificate purchases, shared hosting, etc.

There is no ‘upper limit’ on how many funds may possibly be deposited but if it does reach quite a high amount, we will discuss options of somehow transferring the funds to their rightful owner(s). This is provided that such an option is possible at any given time, as we see the My Donations being used particularly by clans and other such communities where the funds will be jointly owned by all members.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, etc. about this feature then feel free to either contact us or discuss your thoughts in our Discord server. We love to meet new individuals and we promise not to bite… much ;)

Poll: Game Server Locations – United States and/or United Kingdom?

Because our video game services will be releasing soon, proper, we need to decide on the locations of where to invest in our first high performance game servers for this very purpose and determine if only a single location or even two is worthwhile. So please, cast your vote below and let us know if we are to start off with a single location in only either Kansas, United States, or London, United Kingdom. If we receive a fair amount of votes for both locations, then we’ll get servers for each!

Would a Patreon have been a better option?

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We cannot stress enough how important this vote of yours is to us as you’re literally deciding the future of GekkoFyre Networks by casting your wish here. That said though, we do want this to be an eloquently fun thing to do, as we desire to be as transparent as possible when interacting with both current and future clients! It is you who make our existence possible.

Mega discounts for clients among the first to sign-up!

To all the clients whom are among the first wave to sign-up with GekkoFyre Networks’ products and services, we are offering huge discounts and bonuses as a thank you for putting your trust in us. This includes a coupon that grants a 33% discount off your first invoice with us and a permanent onFyre Membership for your newly created account.

The coupon, 4Q0BMZMX7H, only applies to Simple Hosting and Virtual Private Servers thus excluding products and services such as domain names and SSL certificates. But the 12.5% discount provided by the onFyre Membership definitely applies to everything that we offer and sell, so you won’t be left hanging! That said, the coupon itself is valid for invoices of any size that last for a duration of up to 3-months in length and no longer. The code expires on the 1st April, 2019, and is only valid for the first few dozen users who sign-up, although be warned that these coupons may possibly be consumed quite quickly. Afterwards, the coupon will become defunct but we’ll be sure to give prior notice of when time is running short. That is, unless the coupons are sold like hotcakes and we are left with little time to react! It is also only valid for a single order per account, per billing name and address. We will be on the lookout for fraudulent activity so we recommend that you do not attempt it. If you are an existing client you will then have to make do with any other coupons and/or promotions that may be active at the time, sorry, as you have already been awarded the membership that is mentioned above and already get the 12.5% discount with everything that we offer.

In order to receive your onFyre Membership before placing an order and the permanent, 12.5% discount that applies to all products and services thereafter, please create a support ticket with us via the billing department and we will get to your case as soon as possible. Afterwards, you may safely proceed with your order and receive your membership discount on-top of the kickback provided by the coupon.

Among the discount provided by the membership, you will also never experience a suspension or termination of your services for a late payment, using too many resources, or for using too much bandwidth, as an example. This is all within reason, of course, and we do kindly ask that you not abuse this privilege. We put a great deal of trust in our users with this. If you are also not at all happy with our services for whatever reason, then we offer a 28-day money back guarantee as well. Please see our Terms of Service for further details.

Social media; Mastodon and Twitter

With the rapid growth of the Mastodon social network in recent weeks and months, we have decided to create an official GekkoFyre Networks account with them! If you wish to support us especially while we are in our infancy at the moment, then you should start following us over there along with your buddies. That said, while most people referred to these blog posts come from our Twitter account, not everyone does know that we have a presence over there too. All important updates are sent to Twitter and therefore that’s an excellent choice also if you wish to be kept up-to-date on the latest with us. So, it’s time to start spreading the word!

Merry Christmas to all!

GekkoFyre Networks and its staff would like to extend a Merry Christmas to everyone! Whether you’re furry, scalie, feathery, otherkin, therian, LGBTQ, or identify as something else entirely, we’re thinking of you and you hold a special place in our hearts! ^,==,^

We hope you have a merry holidays despite how painful this time of year may be for some. If you know someone who falls in the latter category then please, do all that you can to make sure that they enjoy the holidays as much as you do yourself.

Merry Christmas from GekkoFyre Networks!