The Drake Network Announcement; Oddities around GekkoFyre are now Fixed; Clear caches

GekkoFyre is happy to announce the launch of its own Mastodon instance called The Drake Network! Its demographic is aimed at the anthropomorphic (i.e. ‘furries‘), the LGBTQI, and the otherkin/therian communities but everyone is, of course, free to create an account on it. You may read over the mission objective, additional features over other Mastodon instances, and the rules by visiting the About page. We wish for everyone to have a fantastic experience and to be excellent to each other, no more.

But this comes with a new domain registration for us, specifically and, with the latter being an alias for our Mastodon instance and anyone who signs-up.

So what is Mastodon? Mastodon can be explained as being basically like a mix of Google+ and Twitter only with less bullies, trolls, and neo-Nazis. It’s also a social network but without all the venture capitalism and big corporatism that you tend to find within others, so don’t expect us to tolerate big business or data-mining of any kind here.

The biggest difference between Mastodon and the likes of Twitter, the now defunct Google+, Facebook, and other ‘commercial’ social networks is that instead of running on servers owned wholly by a corporate entity, Mastodon runs on computers owned by whoever feels like starting their own “instance”. Therefore each instance can set their own policies, code-of-conduct, who else they federate with, which servers they block and do communicate with, and so much more.

If you are the administrator of a Mastodon instance yourself and wish to create a federation relay with The Drake Network, then you only need to fill out this form and submit it to us. We should reply within the next 24-48 working hours. That said, we are already working with a few other furry-oriented instances within the community to create relays independently.

In other news, it also seems we had some oddities around GekkoFyre Networks with regard to how the web-pages were rendered. This was due to the use of Minification which compresses Javascript, CSS, and sometimes HTML even, but it can introduce bugs every now and then into the website that is employing said process. This is especially the case if there is a lot of code in use and it is of a complex nature. So for now, we have disabled Minification and do not plan to re-enable it within the near future. The ‘site theme’ that we employ doesn’t seem happy with the use of it.

If you continue to see oddities around GekkoFyre Networks then we would sincerely appreciate if you could clear your file cache within your browser, please. That should fix any remaining problems.

Lastly, one of our most valued staff members, Arctic Edward, has been promoted to the role of Social Media Manager! His new tasks will specifically involve managing and moderating The Drake Network in my blind-spots (speaking as Christopher McGill a.k.a. Phobos D’thorga here) now that my workload is starting to increase quite considerably as GekkoFyre Networks slowly becomes more popular over time.

Who and what is Therianthropy?

Firstly, before getting into the meat of this article, we would like to extend our thanks towards Skaw for bringing this aspect of the otherkin community to our attention from a recent Twitter post of his. Many of the staff members here at GekkoFyre Networks were already aware of this aspect, regarding Therian/s/thropy. But for those that are unaware of what this concern of spirituality both is and involves, strap yourselves in and read onwards!

The modern form of Therianthropy is characterised by an individual possessing a deep feeling and personal belief that they are a non-human animal, whether in spirit, past life, or some other form along those lines. It should be noted at this point that Therianthropes are strictly Human and understand fully well that they have Human bodies physically. But most Therians identify as an Earthly animal they feel a close connection with, typically in spirit, which can include the entire spectrum of all that is alive today, along with anything currently extinct, or even prehistoric in nature. This is what tends to separate a Therianthrope from an otherkin, the latter of which has a belief that they are a mystical being of some sort, such as the form of a Dragon (i.e. Dragonkin).

The Therian symbol, as displayed below, is represented as a ‘theta-delta’ in its most widely depicted form. According to Skaw, the symbol consists of two Greek letters layered on-top of each other; the Delta and Theta characters. Both characters are typically depicted in the same colour against a single contrasting value.

He goes on to say that they may be further stylised by intertwining the letters. The theta-delta was created in 2003 on an early version of The WereList forums and the intent, as Skaw mentions, was to make a universal Therian symbol for the entire community, which after considering various ideas, the theta-delta was henceforth born.

Unfortunately, the original forum thread concerning this topic disappeared in a server crash a few months later and almost all of the web-pages explaining the idea of the theta-delta symbol were lost, with no archives or backups having been made.

One of its original uses was to be optionally worn (as an identifying symbol), so that other Therians would recognise the wearer as another individual with traits similar to themselves, and not feel awkward about starting a conversation concerning Therianthropy.

In Skaw’s closing remarks, we see many adaptations of the original and basic theta-delta design across the Internet, with it often being turned into unique, one-off charms with personal significance to the owner and individual wearing it. The colours of the theta-delta design are supposed to represent the following:

“The green symbolizes (sic) beings of the land, blue those of water, and white those of flight, or in the air. The black symbolizes the unknown, AKA the reason we feel the way we do.”

Slavaseshbetween, 2015 – 2016.

We hope this teaching/history lesson has been enjoyable and if you’ve made it this far in order to be reading this last paragraph, we would sincerely appreciate if you clicked the “Like” button! We, of course, owe our due thanks to Skaw for originally providing this information. It should also be said that Shadow D. Wolf provided some complimentary information too, although we are unable to provide a link to his social media due to safe-for-work issues. We encourage you to search out for the hyperlinks in this article which contain a rich assortment of important information concerning this very topic on Therianthropy.

Free pastebin service for the furry and otherkin communities

As of today, we are now offering a free and public pastebin service to the furry/otherkin communities at large as a sort of experiment, wherein you may post text snippets of any kind and publish them to our servers for the world to see. Or if the text is of a more sensitive nature you may then keep the post private and only give out the URL to those you trust, so that only said individuals will be able to see the contents. There is even an option to encrypt your snippet, whereupon only those who know the direct URL with embedded key will be able to decode whatever you have published. Admittedly, it’s not perfect but it does offer some modicum of security!

Visit the GekkoFyre Networks Pastebin today and start publishing right away. Each and every post will also be given a shortened URL for easy sharing amongst friends and colleagues, or among platforms such as Twitter.