Bush-fires, Weebly & New Staff Member

So it’s official! The fires have died down enough that I’m no longer under the threat that I was back a week or so ago, where I literally thought I was going to lose all my possessions and even the roof I currently live under. There’s only a most minimal chance of the fires reaching both the township and my homestead now; the need to panic is over! This is such a huge relief like you wouldn’t believe…

With that said, GekkoFyre Networks has acquired a newly paid Staff Member named Ben Weinstein within the past few days. They will be with us for the long-term as a paid software consultant, fixing up issues around the site here and there whilst making the odd improvement as well. While they may not presently frequent it, you can still say hello to all the other staff members in our Official Discord Server! Not to mention all the kindly local-folk who are there to simply pay a visit and have a good discussion.

Lastly, at the request of a client, we have decided to add Weebly to our list of products and services. For those of you who are not happy with the freely provided Site Designer tools in our Shared Hosting packages, then there is always that available as an alternative option, which I’m told is somewhat superior for users who are just starting out. Otherwise, if you possess moderate or even advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, then we highly recommend that you try the included tools with our Wyvern, Drakelet, and Dragon packages firstly. You might be surprised :)

Australia, Bush-fires & Having to Evacuate

There are currently very severe bush-fires raging in Victoria, Australia, when you head east of Melbourne. They were primarily situated in Bunyip State Park but have just recently broken the boundaries of such and are now threatening the township of Drouin, where I live, not to even mention all of the adjacent communities. If you have a look at the screenshot below, which is taken from my phone, you will notice that the blackened areas are where the fire has already decimated and the area emblazoned in Red, are locations that are at immediate threat to life itself and livelihood.

In the event that I do have to evacuate, the following staff members of GekkoFyre Networks will be taking over a guardianship role of the company in my place:

  • Arctic Emerald
    • Overseeing the infrastructure and general health of the site
  • Davwyn Edward
    • Lead Discord Administrator
  • Saros
    • Discord Administrator

I do have in my possession quite a high-end notebook along with 40 GB of cell-phone data, so I will try to do my very best to administrate this company from the position of what will be a large shelter. That said, there shall be no disruptions in service given how everything is planned out. You may still freely continue to sign-up to our services and receive technical support as needed, as we’ve covered all areas where there could be a lack of continuity. Given the situation at the moment even, I might not have to evacuate after all. We’re just planning for the very worst so that everyone is prepared.

Now onto some lighter news. We recognized that there were some unusual behaviors around the site after migrating to the new look and feel and as such, we have taken corrective action for them. There are still some issues that require fixing but for the most part, the site is now in excellent condition. Please continue to report any sightings of unusual behavior and we’ll get right onto it :)