Announcement of new Marketing Campaign; Discounts!

Today, GekkoFyre Networks is proud to announce the launch of a new marketing campaign in association with SoFurry! So please keep your eyes peeled for any of the below leaderboards on SoFurry’s website. We’d appreciate any comments on the campaign in general within our Official Discord channel also.

In conjunction with this, we are releasing a coupon code as well that will grant (potential) clients of GekkoFyre Networks a 25% discount on pretty much everything that we offer! This includes all domain name registrations plus transfers and renewals, virtual private servers, shared hosting, Zimbra hosted email, game servers, and so much more. The only exception is that SSL certificates and Weebly services are not covered, apologies, as we have a very low profit margin on the latter in particular. But otherwise, upgrades of pre-existing services are also covered for customers of GekkoFyre Networks that already have an account and service with us.

So! The code in question is, CRG9TNLS6C, and it’s time to start saving.

If you have any questions, queries, or even comments, then please redirect them to our technical support staff who will be more than happy to assist you.

Donate and support our future!

We’ve officially launched a crowdfund venture for GekkoFyre Networks since it has come to the point that in order to continue providing services, we must ask for donations from the community at large, particularly in order to persist providing outreach that is applicable to our charitable divisions. You may see more details by clicking here and then decide whether to make a donation yourself or not.

Any amount given our way will be sincerely appreciated and for those that donate a sizeable amount of funds, you will be awarded with a permanent onFyre Membership for your trouble. This will grant, among other benefits, a 12.5% discount for any product or service purchased through GekkoFyre Networks. This is whether or not said product or service is provided directly by us or even a third-party.

We implore you to donate as we could use the funds to do such activities as create marketing campaigns with SoFurry, for example, who we have had previous experience with. This will not only help spread the word about our cause, but it will drum up further business with our standard offerings for typical users and therefore support the funding of our more charitable actions.

If you’ve read this far at least, then thank you. Please spread the word about this post and/or the donation page, whether it be through sharing on Twitter or other social media, direct links over Discord/Telegram/etc, or even word-of-maw! Also, if you could answer this poll then that would be sincerely appreciated too.

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Discounts and Happy Easter from the team at GekkoFyre Networks!

From the team here at GekkoFyre Networks, we wish everyone a happy and safe Easter while hoping that you all get plenty of chocolate eggs to eat! I, Christopher (Phobos D’thorga), have sure been enjoying the break, where much playing of the new video game Anno 1800 has been had. Let us know what you have been up-to in our official Discord server! We’re a friendly bunch with only simple rules and as long as you do nothing too risqué or adult in nature, you’ll be fine.

But to celebrate the joyous occasion of Easter, we have a special deal in store for both new and existing customers! If you apply for a new product of any of the following:

Then you are eligible for a 25% discount if you use the coupon code, BR2SBN4K3Q, during the checkout process. If you encounter any issues and/or wish to discuss a question with us, then please open a ticket with our support agents.

Only several days left to obtain a permanent onFyre Membership!

With January’s highly successful series of promotions now coming to an end, it’s our duty to let anyone left behind know that you still have a few more days left to make use of the huge discounts within. If you tally up and make use of the two largest promotions which are applicable to the majority of our products and services, you will earn a 45% discount off your first purchase with us, at the time of making payment.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, we also offer a 28-day money back guarantee on most products and services (only excluding some third-party services), plus we will never ask any questions of you if that’s what you prefer.

So make haste and grab these discounts before April 1st, 2019, Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australian EST)! We probably won’t have another promotion like this for yet a year more, at least.

Almost breaking even; gaming services updates; hosted email

That is indeed correct, we are 50% of the way towards breaking even each month on our expenses with the amount of income we are receiving at current, all thanks to the wonderful and amazing clients we’re starting to take on. We owe our thanks to you! ^,==,^

Among some of the newer services coming up on offer, you’ll soon be able to purchase hosted email at competitive industry rates through us! For this task we are currently thinking about employing the use of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite but if you have your own suggestion then please, by all means let us know. Through this, we are trying to maintain Gmail interoperability, especially for those of you that make use of email on G Suite (i.e. Google Suite by Google Cloud).

We should also be able to start proffering XenoPanel services within approximately three weeks from the time of writing, given how things are currently proceeding. You may see from the screenshots below just how awesome it is shaping up to be!

We can only apologize for the long, anticipated wait of these gaming services and promise that it will be well worth it! There is an older post from some weeks back which details a few of the games that we will be offering at first as well, for those that are interested in some further reading.