Minecraft Servers Announcement; Community Donations Plugin

It is with great pride that we announce the launching of our Dedicated Minecraft Servers to the general public! With this announcement comes the offering of several Minecraft products for the public to choose from, notably:

Along with each, comes the ability to easily make (up to heavy) modifications to the server and add as many plugins as your heart desires. Our gaming control panel, which is powered by, allows for ease-of-customization along with any generalized modifications. You can also check on metrics as to how your server is being used, all without having to login to the game itself. Then there is the fact that with us, you can have your server entirely self-funded by the community at large!

Setup of a new account is a near instant, completely automated process and so too is the wiping/re-installation of a server if problems are encountered that cannot be easily reversed. Each user is further granted SFTP access so that they may easily upload files, whether they be map-packs, addons, MODs, or something else entirely that relates to the game. A MariaDB database is provided at an additional charge if a certain addon requires SQL access but otherwise, all of these controls are provided to you within the UI and are not in anyway an exhaustive list of all the features.

If you wish to change between differing types of Minecraft APIs , say from Minecraft Forge towards Bungeecord, then that is totally possible also without incurring any additional charges to your account. Our easy-to-use upgrades system makes this all possible through only a few clicks of your mouse via the Client Area!

Lastly, we have an excellent donations plugin for any community-run servers, regardless of the fact if you have a Minecraft server or not. The plugin is available to all accounts at GekkoFyre Networks upon signup.

With our donations feature, you don’t need to closely monitor your community gaming server with regard to billing charges and public interest being lost. Once the donations stop coming in or become a trickle of what they once were, we’ll disconnect your server for you, but only after some advanced warning.

As such, you can leave your server in the hands of the community at large and have it entirely self-funded! We’ll keep an eye on it for you and let you know of any major changes ahead of time to the best of our abilities.