BitNinja & Imunify360 as an IDS/IPS

With GekkoFyre Networks being a web-host in need of security solutions and thusly a intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS), we are proud to say that we are users of Imunify360 and BitNinja. Which one we use at any time depends on the exact requirements of the server in question and whether a particular control panel is in use or not. The former solution though integrates in an excellent manner with CloudLinux as it is by the same development team, along with KernelCare. Both products are exceedingly simple to install, setup, and configure with minimal knowledge on Linux system administration being required. The value of each product offered in terms of pricing is also quite good compared to a few other enterprise security solutions out there, giving a low barrier to entry and thus empowering small business owners such as ourselves with top-quality solutions.

One thing that stands out about Imunify360 in particular is its outstanding integration with cPanel/WHM. Apparently the CloudLinux team have a very close partnership with the cPanel company so this could be the reason as to such sterling compatibility. That said, going forward with such a control panel and security solution combination should mean that you’ll encounter no problems, or at least, only on most rare occasions.

BitNinja is excellent at holding its own for being an independent solution that doesn’t require the installation of any particular control panels; you simply run a single command line instruction and off you go! You’re already setup and managing security-minded actions from the easy-to-use control panel via their official website.

You should notice right away with both IDS/IPS solutions that they will start blocking a great deal of malicious traffic ‘straight out of the box’. This is the sad reality of today’s Internet and system administrators around the globe have to be persistently on guard, ready to defend their clienteles websites and infrastructure.

If you have any further questions about our use of these two products then you only have to get in contact with GekkoFyre Networks. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions!