Bush-fires, Weebly & New Staff Member

So it’s official! The fires have died down enough that I’m no longer under the threat that I was back a week or so ago, where I literally thought I was going to lose all my possessions and even the roof I currently live under. There’s only a most minimal chance of the fires reaching both the township and my homestead now; the need to panic is over! This is such a huge relief like you wouldn’t believe…

With that said, GekkoFyre Networks has acquired a newly paid Staff Member named Ben Weinstein within the past few days. They will be with us for the long-term as a paid software consultant, fixing up issues around the site here and there whilst making the odd improvement as well. While they may not presently frequent it, you can still say hello to all the other staff members in our Official Discord Server! Not to mention all the kindly local-folk who are there to simply pay a visit and have a good discussion.

Lastly, at the request of a client, we have decided to add Weebly to our list of products and services. For those of you who are not happy with the freely provided Site Designer tools in our Shared Hosting packages, then there is always that available as an alternative option, which I’m told is somewhat superior for users who are just starting out. Otherwise, if you possess moderate or even advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS, then we highly recommend that you try the included tools with our Wyvern, Drakelet, and Dragon packages firstly. You might be surprised :)

Introducing the brand new look and feel

Welcome back to GekkoFyre Networks after the extended maintenance period that lasted for 2.5 days! We do sincerely apologize for this and as a result of it going way past our estimates, we personally emailed many of our existing clients, namely the ones who already have active services with us, in order to let them know that we had gifted them a generous amount of credits to their account. You may find how many credits you have within the Client Area to the top-right paw side and these maybe spent anyway you desire. Whether it be for a new domain name or even transfer/renewal, a hosting package (i.e. such as from our Simple Hosting or Cloud VPS range), an SSL certificate, to upgrade your pre-existing services, or saved for our soon-to-be-released gaming services!

Concerning the gaming services, we are working with our vendor on getting those setup as we are speaking since a little additional help was required in the configuration stage. We thank Liam Denston of XenoPanel for his time in helping us currently.

Additionally, be sure to checkout the screenshots below as they show off the new look and feel of GekkoFyre Networks from the areas which detail the plans that we offer, to how some of the control panels (though not all) appear. We also have screenshots of how our gaming control panel will appear once released, in a separate post from a few weeks ago.

Because of this new ‘theme’ that is now in permanent use, there may be some oddities around our main site here at and as a result, we sincerely ask that you, the community, to please kindly report anything that is unusual or outright broken in nature. You may do that by either commenting on this blog post itself, submitting a ticket to our technical support agents, or via mentioning it in our Official Discord Server. Any of these three methods is fine and we thank you for your contribution.

We would be remiss if there was no mention of the huge discounts that are still currently in effect until 1st April, 2019. Until then, you may submit for a huge discount of up to 45% off many of our services but please, be sure to check out that post for all the details and conditions firstly, along with which coupon code to use.

That should be all for now and lastly, we welcome any comments and slight criticism about the new look and feel for GekkoFyre Networks! We would love to hear your thoughts so comment away! ^,==,^

New upcoming theme replacement!

For the past two weeks, we have been hard at work on a new, upcoming theme replacement for the main site at GekkoFyre Networks and this blog sub-domain as well. Everything will be much more unified in how it operates and blends together, making for improved ease-of-access and better navigation around the site and billing/service/account sections.

This new theme is far more professional in nature with how it has been designed and should serve our purposes quite well. It should be stated too that there will be some service interruptions on the main site whilst this new theme is installed, although customers own sites and services will not be affected by any downtime. Only the following will be impacted:

But let us know what you think over on the Official GekkoFyre Discord Server, which has been a hub for a rather busy amount of activity as-of-late! We’d love to see new guests as there can never be enough.

New Feature: “My Donations”!

In preparation of the release of our gaming services here at GekkoFyre Networks, we’ve released a new feature out to all user accounts! Have a look below…

Have others donate funds towards the payment of your web-services, particularly if it’s to cover the cost of your community gaming server!

This feature has been put into use as of right now and all users, existing and new, may now employ it to their benefit whether they have gaming services with us or not. Any donated funds will simply be applied to the credits you have with us, thusly enabling you to use this feature with virtual private servers, domain name purchases/renewals/transfers, SSL certificate purchases, shared hosting, etc.

There is no ‘upper limit’ on how many funds may possibly be deposited but if it does reach quite a high amount, we will discuss options of somehow transferring the funds to their rightful owner(s). This is provided that such an option is possible at any given time, as we see the My Donations being used particularly by clans and other such communities where the funds will be jointly owned by all members.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, etc. about this feature then feel free to either contact us or discuss your thoughts in our Discord server. We love to meet new individuals and we promise not to bite… much ;)

Zimbra Hosted Email; Freely Upgradeable VPS Plans; Newsletter

GekkoFyre Networks now offers Zimbra Hosted Email plans from our very own servers, thus ensuring that you’re getting the best possible service and quality! Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution built for the cloud, both public and private. With a redesigned browser-based interface which makes extensive use of AJAX, Zimbra offers the most innovative messaging experience with a plethora of features that make it one of the best groupware solutions available today. Some of the key features include:

  • Share Inbox mail folders, Address Book contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Briefcase folders and files amongst your work colleagues or even friends, using powerful collaboration features.
  • Communicate with other users via Zimbra Chat from right within the Web Client, and even amongst your team!
  • Optionally work offline with Zimbra Desktop or clients such as Microsoft Outlook using IMAP(S)/POP(S), and CalDAV.
  • Stay connected anywhere on any smartphone or other device with any of the aforementioned protocols.
  • Transform Zimbra into a customized “collaboration hub” by integrating external applications and web services — such as Salesforce and enterprise applications including Oracle and SAP.
  • Comes with a tightly integrated anti-spam, antivirus, and other filtering services.
  • And so much more!

We have chosen the OSS (open source software) edition because this allows us to offer our clients the best feature-rich mix in terms of value and available options. What you get is an excellent groupware mail client that is both web-based while providing connectivity options for going offline via the available Desktop and Mobile clients, so you have the best of both worlds.

At GekkoFyre Networks, we offer competitive industry rates for all of our products and services whilst at the same time, we provided a more personal, one-on-one customer experience. We can do this because we operate as and like a small business.

If you require migration assistance from a pre-existing email account over to our servers and henceforth a Zimbra account, please get in touch with our support department firstly before making any related account purchases. We need to work out with you what is and what might not be feasible in terms of a migration, as dependent on the type of service you are migrating away from. That said, we do offer a 28-day money back guarantee with no questions asked and this definitely applies to our Zimbra Hosted Email accounts.

Regarding other feature updates around our company, we are now offering the ability to freely upgrade your service plans if you are making use of a product or service that comes with customizable options, such as our VPS (virtual private server) lineup.

We are still more than happy to assist you with an upgrade/downgrade via a support ticket or even our official Discord server if need be.

Lastly, we now have an official newsletter you may signup towards without having to be a pre-existing client! You will receive all the latest updates without having to check this blog manually and we will be sure to only send out messages intermittently. We all know what it’s like to deal with spam! Plus it’s part of our core mission policy to fight spam where possible.

The form can be found within the navigation bar on this blog to the top-right or, in the case of just this article only, simply below for one-off convenience.

Almost breaking even; gaming services updates; hosted email

That is indeed correct, we are 50% of the way towards breaking even each month on our expenses with the amount of income we are receiving at current, all thanks to the wonderful and amazing clients we’re starting to take on. We owe our thanks to you! ^,==,^

Among some of the newer services coming up on offer, you’ll soon be able to purchase hosted email at competitive industry rates through us! For this task we are currently thinking about employing the use of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite but if you have your own suggestion then please, by all means let us know. Through this, we are trying to maintain Gmail interoperability, especially for those of you that make use of email on G Suite (i.e. Google Suite by Google Cloud).

We should also be able to start proffering XenoPanel services within approximately three weeks from the time of writing, given how things are currently proceeding. You may see from the screenshots below just how awesome it is shaping up to be!

We can only apologize for the long, anticipated wait of these gaming services and promise that it will be well worth it! There is an older post from some weeks back which details a few of the games that we will be offering at first as well, for those that are interested in some further reading.

Now taking affiliates

We at GekkoFyre Networks are now proud to announce that we are taking signups for affiliates! Earn some keep for your hoard by promoting our products and services via our free-to-join affiliate program. Once you have created your free affiliate account, you will receive a unique referral link upon which whenever someone clicks, they are redirected to our main website. Any purchases they thusly make are recorded against the system in your name and the commission from that purchase is added to your account. As your keep builds to a total of USD$25, you’ll be able to request a payout via PayPal.

A preview of our affiliate system at work…

We welcome patrons from the furry, otherkin and therian communities to give their support and in turn, we will reward you through this program as our way of saying thanks. If you have any questions and/or comments then please, redirect them to our ticket support system or the email address,, thank you.