Zimbra Hosted Email

Email services for Furries, Otherkin & Therians.

Email for Every Requirement

Whether you are a business, small or large, or simply an individual with personal needs, we are bound to have something for you.

Main Information
Zimbra Standard Cloud
Zimbra Business Cloud
Storage per mailbox2 GB4 GB
Monthly Price$2.00 p/account$4.85 p/account
Plan Comparison
Zimbra Standard Cloud
Zimbra Business Cloud
Managed Support via GekkoFyre NetworksYesYes
Global Address ListNoYes
Team SharingNoYes
Microsoft Outlook (MAPI) ConnectorNoYes
Microsoft Exchange (EWS) Client AccessNoYes
Group CalendarNoYes
Domain AliasesYesYes
Email AliasesYesYes
Key Features
Zimbra Standard Cloud
Zimbra Business Cloud
Attachment Limit50 MB50 MB
Free Account Migration AssistanceYesYes
Web-based access includedYesYes
Forwarding AddressesYesYes
Anti-Virus / IDS / IPS / FirewallYesYes
Zimbra Standard Cloud
Zimbra Business Cloud
[ External ] IMAP(S) AccessYesYes
[ External ] POP3(S) AccessYesYes
Mobile AppYesYes
Remote PollingYesYes
Remote iCal/CalDAVYesYes
Read ReceiptsYesYes
AJAX ClientYesYes
Out of Office RepliesNoYes
Distribution ListsNoNo
Monthly Price$2.00 p/account$4.85 p/account

GekkoFyre Guarantees

We guarantee all of the following with our plans and services so you'll be assured you are getting the very best.

28-day Money-back Guarantee

You can be sure that you are getting both security and peace-of-mind when you are buying from us! If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase then you may freely apply for a refund*.

24/7 Support

Our experts are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week via the customer desk and live chat via our Discord server, for those times when you need help or that extra bit of support to get a project going.

Cloud Technology

With cloud technology penetrating nearly every aspect of our modern lives, you can be assured that GekkoFyre is on the forefront of modern technology. We make use of high-performance servers in every aspect of our business that are ready to scale at a moment's notice.

Routine Backups

We understand how important your data is towards you, your clients, and your business, which is why we regularly perform backups to servers that are off-site, in datacenters that are separate to our core-infrastructure.

Our Best Features

The very best of what GekkoFyre Networks has to offer for its customers, both potential and existing.

No overselling

Free SSL certificates

24/7 support guarantee

Latest technological advances

Best in stability

Easy-to-use control panels

For the community

As a not-for-profit, GekkoFyre Networks reinvests nearly all of its profits straight back into the infrastructure and services that it provides. The rest goes towards supporting the anthropomorphic (i.e. 'furries') community as well as projects that are otherkin and therian in nature.

Our overall goal is to enlarge the furry and otherkin communities through supporting projects within, bolstering charity-related events that have a net positive outcome for all, and showing others the benefits you obtain of becoming a member yourself.

Why our customers love us!

onFyre members around the world.